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Regina Mixon

Regina Mixon is an author, business woman, coach, teacher,  inspirational  and motivational speaker, who continues to inspire others through her stories of faith, hope, courage and love.  She has always possessed a spirit of service; a desire to help people whose misfortunes have placed them in a vulnerable station in life.

Regina Mixon’s lifelong ministry is one of encouraging others to pursue their purpose with passion in life as dreams can and often do become reality.

Having endured many ups and downs in life, Regina believes that as God blesses us we should pass these blessings on to others through teachings; teaching others some of the pitfalls to avoid and ways to live a productive, prosperous life.

Regina uses her communications whether spoken or in books to capture the essence of the human spirit by delivering messages of hope, encouragement, inspiration, purpose, faith, and courage to mankind throughout the world.

Regina Mixon continues to inspire others through her stories of faith, hope, courage and love. Her interest in books and writing prompted her to start a publishing company REGS Books, LLC, to provide an outlet for aspiring writers. Her interest in giving back to the community prompted her to start God’s Storehouse Ministries, a community-based non-profit organization.

Regina has been featured in several magazines some of which to include Promoting Purpose Magazine, Legacy in the Making, and The Law of Attraction Magazine. Regina was a former radio host for internet radio with her own show—Making the Best of Today. Though short-lived, this provided yet another venue to spread messages of hope.

Additionally, Regina has been a featured guest on various radio shows across the United States.

Regina has spoken at numerous churches, libraries, schools, women’s groups and women’s conferences in various states and is available to speak to your group.

Regina is in the process of penning and publishing the conclusion of the To God be the Glory series—”To God be the Glory—The Manifested Glory of God: The Breakthrough” is scheduled for release in 2016. This is a prophetic book and though the original release date was scheduled for January 2016, Regina realizes it will be released when more prophecies are fulfilled.  This book contains  contributions from new writers, Courtney Williams and Roz Roberts in the Chapter entitled: Life’s Lessons Learned the Hard Way.

This mother of two: Kendrick Thomas and Emily Mixon and grandmother of three: Kimmerlie B. Thomas, Khrystal R. Thomas and Jordan D. Gilliam hopes to leave a legacy as a woman who not only talked the talk but walked the walk resulting in people going from “I Can’t” to “I Can”.

To book for speaking engagements, please send emails to publicity@regsbooks.org.

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Regina is Founder of Regina Mixon Enterprises, REGS Books Publishing (formerly R.E.G.S. Books LLC) and God’s Storehouse Ministries which is currently located in the Southern California area.

For additional information about Regina, please go to www.reginamixonenterprises.org.

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